The profile quality of this dating site is good too

The profile quality of this dating site is good too

The only drawback is that since it is possible to be anonymous on this app, there can be some catfishers out there. It’s easy to spot them Their profiles do not have much info in them since they are faking it. You can find several Profiles on this site that are incomplete and devoid of any information.

You can upload your photos on this site if you want though most of the users prefer to remain anonymous. Your photos can be viewed by anyone and everyone so make sure you post only those pictures that you want out there. If you want to retain your privacy, you can choose to remain anonymous too. It totally depends on you.

The basic profile structure of this site is great. It is similar to other social sites. You can post photos, videos, you can comment on other people’s posts if you want. You can change your privacy according to your desires.

Contacting Members

You can send private messages to members that you like and would like to have a private conversation with. You can create your own chatroom with your own rules that’s another way of contacting members. You can also contact members through entering other chatrooms. Leer más