Forget about dated gender roles, she doesn’t need to be coddled

Forget about dated gender roles, she doesn’t need to be coddled

It’s okay to challenge her

As John Wooden once said, “Whatever you do in life, surround yourself with smart people who’ll argue with you.” Clearly, we’re not talking about an actual argument – that’d be a great way to end the date early.

Rather, it’s about challenging and being challenged. This is an excellent way to bring about engaging conversation that goes far beyond the usual mundane nonsense. In fact, the last time I was bold enough to give an “Actually, I disagree” on a date, it led to about half an hour of exploring this one topic together.

Although far from my usual date, it was anything but boring and we learned a lot about each other. That she was intelligent, she could handle being challenged and enjoyed learning new things.

Later in the night, she even said, “It’s so nice to meet someone that talks about more than weather and school.”

So long as you’re respectful about it and open to the possibility that she’s actually right in the first place, go ahead. It’s fun.

From my experience, intelligent women are fiercely independent. They don’t need you to “ be the man ” and coddle her. She’s capable of ordering her own meal, asking for directions and opening her car door. Leer más