What Happens When Cora Strolls Down The Boxed Wine Aisle At The Local Store

What Happens When Cora Strolls Down The Boxed Wine Aisle At The Local Store

I read with some bemusement that Salt Water Pete or wtf his name is/was claimed he was the one who told News and Lounge about the blog. Of course WWDub would argue that point because he wrongly assumes he was the first last year. First off, It’s a fucking moronic claim to fame and anyone who argues «i was first» on THAT issue has a truly warped version of what gives themselves self esteem. It’s not like you raised the flag on Iwo Jima or discovered the cure for polio. IT’S JUST A BLOG (goddamn you Dayna, damn you all to hell). If indeed Salt was the first, it wasn’t under that name and it didn’t happen on Wire. Most in this room were aware of the blog in AL and TN long before the Wire migration. (Did anyone else just picture all us chatters as wildebeests lumbering towards the Serengeti?).

I do believe she is an LPN, but the escort/hooker chat, i am not sold on that being true and i see someone who views it much the way i do

Ok we have a belated line of the week from a month or two back that is totally self explanatory.

HeidiPart5 zizzy has me blocked. but i think that just ups my chances of NOT getting a tire iron up the side of my head https://besthookupwebsites.org/chat-zozo-review/ and my body disposed of So as anyone that actually reads Xoxo knows, she fluctuates between posting in general about her hooker activities and then she will go into nonstop jabber about makeup, skater bois and her current flava of the week, kratom. Now just like any chatter, its her right to do so, but it also gives everyone else the right to comment to or about it since she does bring it into the room, especially in a Sable like fashion. this was one of those comments i was thankful i didn’t have a swig of coffee in my mouth or i would have ruined another laptop. I present the current Line of the Week.

nordygirl4567 I personally dont think anyone would be that stupid to brag about hooking in a chat room which is why I prefer to believe XOXO is just a nun, with a great imagination

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