It was noticed that the relationships condition changeable stayed significant, F(step three, 920) = 7

It was noticed that the relationships condition changeable stayed significant, F(step three, 920) = 7

Next, the various sociodemographic and relationship variables, which were referred in literature as being relevant with regards to their influence on personal commitment, were controlled through the analysis of covariance, in order to verify the permanence, or not, of the relationship status effect. It was thus verified that the effect of the relationship status variable remained significant, even when controlling for the influence of the variables gender F(3, 920) = 9.62; p < .001; [[eta].sup.2]p = .03 religiousness, F(3, 920) = 7.92; p < .001; [[eta].sup.2]p = .03, relationship quality, F(3, 920) = ; p < .001; [[eta].sup.2]p = .07, and total duration of the relationship, F(3, 920) = 7.09; p < .001; [[eta].sup.2]p = .02. In order to evaluate possible interference originating from the application of the questionnaires (online vs. pencil and paper), this variable was controlled in order to assess the permanence of the relationship status effect. 90; p < .001; [[eta].sup.2]p = .03.

The outcome thus suggest that people in a proper home-based matchmaking, despite the fact that was stable cohabitation relationships, is actually characterized by a smaller safe level of personal investment than simply is actually marriage ceremonies

The current data attempted to contribute to your examination of personal partnership, by validating the brand new Portuguese style of the Partnership Measure, the personal Relationship Measure (ECP–Escala de Compromisso Pessoal) towards a sample out of 924 players that were employed in personal relationship and by examining the determine of various dating statuses to your it. Certain sociodemographic and relationships details was in fact controlled, additionally the high effect of the relationship reputation are methodically discovered.

The outcome show that couples from inside the a proper residential matchmaking expose lower levels out of commitment than simply married people, by themselves of the duration of the partnership, sex, religiousness and you can relationship top quality

According to the ECP recognition investigation, the size and style features good indices regarding psychometric top quality, and therefore, of the its proportions, get this to level a practical and you can quality choice for use in look really works, for the input research, as well as a restorative and you may preventive peak. Leer más