He could be accountable for their death

He could be accountable for their death

Good news Interpretation In the event the a man provides sexual interactions that have another son, they have done a gross question, and you can one another shall be place so you can death

Modern English Variation It is disgusting for men having intercourse which have each other, and those who manage might be put to help you demise, exactly as they have earned.

Douay-Rheims Bible If any one to rest which have a person se that have a lady, each other features enough time an abomination, let them be put so you’re able to demise: its bloodstream end up being up on them.

English Revised Adaptation If in case a guy sit having humankind, just as in womankind, both features the time abomination: it should certainly be put in order to demise; the blood might be through to them.

GOD’S Phrase® Interpretation Whenever men provides sexual activity that have another kid because the having a lady, each other guys are doing things disgusting and may go to passing. It need so you can pass away.

Internationally Basic Variation «If the a guy has sexual affairs having some other men as he manage that have a female, both keeps the amount of time an effective repulsive operate. He’s certainly to-be put in order to demise.

JPS Tanakh 1917 Incase a person sit having mankind, as with womankind, both of them provides the full time abomination: it shall definitely be put to help you passing; the bloodstream will be up on them.

Exact Simple Version And you will a man which lies which have a masculine as one lies that have a female-both have inked an enthusiastic abomination; they are yes put to demise; their blood [is] in it.

This new Cardio English Bible «‘If a guy provides intimate interactions having a male, like with a lady, they both has actually the amount of time an enthusiastic abomination: they should certainly be put so you can death; the blood can be on them

Net Bible If the one enjoys intercourse which have a masculine as a whole possess sexual activity which have a female, the two of them have committed an abomination. Leer más