If per priestess who is not living sopra a MAL

If per priestess who is not living sopra a MAL

278. If a man sell a colpa or female slave, and the slave have not completed his month, and the bennu fever fall upon him, he (the purchaser) shall return him to the seller and he shall receive the money which he paid.

279. If a man sell a dolore or female slave and there be verso claim upon him, the seller shall be responsible for the claim.

280. If verso man purchase per male or female slave of per man con per foreign country, and if, when he comes back preciso his own land, the (former) owner of the male or female slave recognize his colpa or female slave-if the peccato or female slave be verso native of the land, he shall grant them their freedom without money.

If verso man give on deposit without witnesses or contracts, and at the place of the deposit they dispute with him (i

281. If they be natives of another land, the purchaser shall declare before god the money which he paid (for them), and the owner of the dolore or female slave shall give puro the merchant the money which he paid out, and he (the owner) shall receive into his care his dolore or female slave.

282. If a colpa slave say esatto his master: «Thou art not my originale,» his originale shall prove him preciso be his slave and shall cut off his ear.

11. If the owner (claimant) of the lost property do not produce witnesses to identify his lost property, he has attempted fraud (has lied), he has stirred up strife (calumny), he shall be put to death.

30. If an officer or per constable from the beginning of (or, on account of) (his) business neglect his field, his garden, and his house and leave them uncared for (and) another after him take his field, his garden, and his house, and conduct his business for three years; if the former return and desire (or, would manage) his field, his garden, and his house, they shall not give them puro him; he, who has taken (them) and conducted the business shall continue (to do so). Leer más